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Experience: 1 Year
Location: Washington, DC


Provided overall marketing services for Genese Music, Photo Scan It, and Air-Kim Pro Cleaning Services.
• Increased web page visits to Air-Kim Pro Clean’s website by an average of 50% through the use of press releases and an average $400 advertising budget.
• Saved Genese over $1K annually through the negotiation and execution of advertising contracts between Genese and advertising media firms.
• Created advertising performance recap reports for each client.
• Created, updated and coordinated the distribution of incoming and outgoing correspondence such as press releases, memos, letters, and marketing collateral material.
• Managed social media posts on Google+, Facebook, and Digg.
• Used Microsoft Word to created, and edited advertising sales manual for Genese Music and Entertainment.
• Used SLR Canon camera to take pictures of aspiring vocal and instrumental music performers.
• Used pictures taken from photo shoot to created web pages, logos, and CD cases.
• Designed and organized effective digital and hard copy filing systems for Photo Scan It.
• Developed web sites for clients using Dreamweaver, and WordPress
• Created client logos, brochures, stationery, and CD covers for Air-Kim Pro Clean, Genese Music and Entertainment.
• Oversaw marketing meeting planning, preparation and scheduling with each client.
• Coordinated travel arrangements for Genese Music talent performances using standard hotel booking websites.
• Microsoft Excel was used to maintained office financial records
• Planed and coordinated all necessary operational and administrative functions such as answering phones, minor computer and printer equipment maintenance
• Maintained office financial records and supplies for various sample materials.
• Worked with the Genese Music and entertainment to purchase radio advertisements to announce talent performances.

Education / Qualifications

Northeastern University BS Business Marketing


Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop


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