S. G.

Data Science Consultant

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Time is always available for exploring new projects and clients.
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Data Science Consulting includes expertise in defining metrics, gathering data (API's, web scraping, mechanical turk, etc.), standardizing or 'munging' that data, identifying applicable machine learning and AI techniques (deep learning, clustering, NLP, LSA, LDA, visualization, kalman filtering, etc.), analyzing the data, gathering insights, and consolidating results for business and product uses.

Working data gathered from the web in general has built a web development foundation, particularly in data visualization and interactive web apps primarily in Flask, python, MongoDB, and D3.js.

Guidance and expertise can also be brought to bear for our clients through our own expertise and by gathering expertise from our network.


Target Tracking Engineer at Lockheed Martin, 2001-2005Automated Target Recognition & Missile Defense Engineer, Small Business integration manager at Raytheon, 2006-2010Director of Engineering, Pest Eradication Technologies, 2010-2011Manufacturing Reliability Engineer, Willcor, Inc., 2011-2013Consultant & VP of Engineering, Synapsify, Inc., 2013-2015

Agencies I've Worked For

Social Impact & US State DepartmentLockheed Martin
SynapsifyData Community DC
Scientia Mobile

Education / Qualifications

Bachelors of Engineering, Engineering Physics, Stevens Institute of TechnologyProject Management Certificate, Stevens Institute of TechnologyGraduate Courses in Mathematics, University of ArizonaContinuing Education, Data Community DC


Amazon Web ServicesAPI DevelopmentArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Neural NetworksBalsamiqCSS3
d3.jsData scrapingFlaskGoogle Analytics APIGoogle Maps APIHTML5
JavaScriptMachine learningNatural language processingPayPal APItwitter apiWeb design


Certificate of Achievement, Missile Defense National Team BCertificate of Accomplishment, Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV)Certificate of Accomplishment, Non-Line of Sight Launch SystemSecretary, Data Community DC


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