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Illustrator & Designer

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I am available for new projects and opportunities.
Experience: 2 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I’m a freelance illustrator and designer living in C’ville, VA. Shaped by comics, graphic design, and animation my work is built on the endeavor to tell compelling stories, and add character to visual communication and branding.

If you’re looking for visual storytelling, graphic design, editorial illustration, brand enrichment, or just a cartoon drawing of yoursel, let’s chat.


Freelance Illustrator for film production (08/2015-Present)
Client: Shaking Hands Productions, Lynchburg, VA
Documentary Animation, Forgive - Don’t Forget ([you must be logged in to see this link])
Storyboarding and Rendering illustrated frames for puppet animation. Collaborating with motion graphics artists. Cartooning and Character development
Graphic Artist, (08/2014-08/2015)
Christian Aid Mission, Charlottesville, VA
Initiated brand and publication redesign for children’s ministry. Designed new logo and developed brand cohesion. Total redesign of children’s educational material. Developed and illustrated new activities for new monthly children’s publication
Created marketing materials for advocacy and promotion
Key participant in rebranding the organization.
Graphic Designer, (08/2014-08/2015)
Liberty University Career Center, Lynchburg, VA
Designed Promotional materials for Career Center events
Created posters, web graphics, and slides regularly seen by the student body. Advertised the Career Center’s services, encouraging students to take advantage of essential opportunities.

Education / Qualifications

B.S. Graphic Design, Liberty University


Adobe IllustratorAdobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop
Character DesignComic ArtComic Writing
Graphic designIllustrationLyrics Writing


Primary: Designers / Creatives Secondary: Sound / Music

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