C. H.

Editorial & Fine Art Photographer

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I am currently completing my last semester (BFA Photojournalism) at the George Washington University Corcoran College of Art on a part-time basis. For questions regarding printing and licensing of images or freelance opportunities, please contact me through my website or the contact information posted here.
Experience: 9 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am a freelance photographer currently based in Washington, D.C. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, my experience includes freelance assignments for multiple sections of the Washington Post and assignments as a photo intern for the San Francisco Chronicle. My images have also appeared in print and web publications such as Washingtonian, DC Luxury Magazine, Vox and NPR among others. While I have experience in shooting professional portraiture and weddings, I specialize in panoramic long exposure landscapes and cityscapes.


Photo Editing
Video production
Photography Post Production


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