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I am currently available for different commercial shoots as well as portraits, architecture & real estate, events and much more, in Vancouver, Canada & worldwide.
Experience: 15 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


Professional photographer for over 15 years, working as a photojournalist and sports' photographer for some 10 years. I now specialize in portraits, corporate photography & events as well as photojournalism & visual documentaries.

I am a visual narrator and use photography to help my clients improve their visibility & connect with their own clientele through amazing images that tell their story.

I love building social link through my photographs and shooting powerful and real portraits.
Living in various countries over the years, traveling a lot and working on many subjects taught me to be flexible, fast and easy to work with. I am reliable and always deliver work on schedule.
I adapt to my clients needs the best I can and always communicate with them to improve our collaboration.


Commercial/editorial photography for Oliver Peoples (shooting the Vancouver store)VIFF 2018 sponsorship photographer (Vancouver International Film Festival)Portrait & headshot photography (SRK Consulting, SDECB, small businesses ..)Events photography for corporate & private clients (SDECB, Vancouver Division of Family Practice, Chambre de Commerce Francophone de Vancouver, Swedish Match Tour ..)Commercial work with various types of clients (artists, businesses, athletes ..)Real estate photographyPublications in various magazines (L'Equipe magazine, Sea Horse, La Source, Edmonton Sun, Vancouver Sun, Segeln...) travel guide (Frommer's Travel guide)Volunteer work for YES! Vancouver (part of Dress for Success Vancouver)

Agencies I've Worked For

Icon Sport

Education / Qualifications

BA in Business Administration from Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, Scotland)Gestion des PME, Advancia Business School, Paris, France


Adobe PhotoshopFrench
Photo EditingPhotography
Photography Post Production


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