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Experience: 17 Years
Location: Washington, DC


There are at least eleventy-billion so-called “website design firms” out there. I am NOT one of them. Almost anyone can slap together a few pages of text and images, and call it a website. Think of all the bad websites you’ve seen (or maybe the one you have), and you know I am right.

You’ve found something different here. I deliver quality websites that keep your prospects & customers, your accountant, and Google very happy.

Since 1999, I have worked with business owners that need a helpful, honest, and effective website consultant. What you get is a great looking, revenue-making, stress-free website!

Let me repeat – I have been rescuing great businesses from bad websites since 1999! Since then, literally thousands of lesser web design companies and freelancers have gone out of business. I’m still here.

The secret: I build hand-crafted websites, each made unique to your specific business. No build-your-website-online service or cookie-cutter-theme site does that. Other “website designers” don’t have my 17+ years of experience in rescuing hundreds of businesses from bad websites and creating a positive return on investment for them.


M. T. Creations - Herndon, VA 20170
President/Founder : April 1999 – Present

M. T. Creations is a website design & development firm. As the founder and president, I run the business (finance, marketing, administration, client relations) as well as the design & coding, including:

• WordPress-based website design & development – full project life cycle: design – development – testing – launch – ongoing maintenance and support.

• WordPress plugins – tweak code and features, when necessary, for specific client needs. This might involve changes to PHP, jQuery (JavaScript), and/or HTML/CSS.

• WordPress themes – while I have built sites using a skeleton framework, I prefer to find an existing theme, then heavily customize a child theme to serve the client’s needs.

Education / Qualifications

St Peter’s University (Jersey City, NJ)
GPA Major: 4.0
Overall: 3.96
Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Honors included: Salutatorian, Class of 1987, Summa Cum Laude


jQueryPHPWebsite Development
WordPressWordPress e-CommerceWeb Design
Responsive Web Design


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