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Contact me for more information about my current availability. I have a number of ongoing client projects, however I have capacity to take on other work.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Toronto, ON


About M. B.
M. B. is an accomplished M. eting and sales professional, with about seventeen years of experience in the Information, Communications and Telecommunications industry. He has created digital content for the Financial Post, Intuit's Canadian small business blog, IBM Watson, Oracle, Rogers, HireVue for Sales, Domo, Canada Post, YouInc and many other publications.

M. is skilled at communicating the business value of technology, increasing conversion rates, and writing content which is both informative and easy to read. Beyond technology, M. has written about cars, dogs and a number of small business topics. He has worked with customers across North America, the UK and Australia. You can find M. 's portfolio of articles at:

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M. has worked as a Customer Success Manager for a Content Analytics/SEO software company, and has completed a number of online M. eting writing courses from M. etingProfs and other respected companies. He also has a college diploma in journalism from Loyalist College in Ontario.


Communications Manager, Startup CandaSEO/Content Performance Customer Success Manager, gShiftPartner Manager, The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRMContent Writer, Intuit CanadaContent Writer, IBM WatsonContent Writer, DomoGovernment Proposal Lead, Open Text

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Loyalist College - Broadcast Journalism DiplomaM. etingProfs - Online M. eting Writing BootcampHubSpot Inbound M. eting Certified


B2B MarketingContent WritingCopy editing
CopywritingMicrosoft Dynamics CRMSEO Keyword Research
Telerik Sitefinity CMSTechnical writingWhite Paper Writing


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