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Inbound Marketing, webinar production, and SME for organizations that sell to the early childhood sector

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I work exclusively with no more than two clients at a time on 3,6, and 12 month retainer agreements, but will consider project work. Contact me for more information about my current availability.
Experience: 30 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am a consultant with deep leadership and management experience in non-profit organizations, publishing companies, and membership associations. My educational background is rooted in the practice of early childhood education, and my experience includes,business development and strategy, thought leadership and development.

As the founder of Engagement Strategies, LLC, a consulting company focused on the early education sector, I specialize in B2B and B2E inbound marketing. I typically work with my clients to:

- produce and write comprehensive marketing plans focused on lead generation.
- produce and host webinar series for clients as one element of their existing plans.
- as subject matter and/or marketing expert to provide insight about marketing, social media, webinar production, and technology development for the early childhood sector.

My clients benefit from the unique fusion of deep practical understanding of the early learning sector, early education practice, technology, and business development.

Webinar production and hosting for inbound marketing are specific competencies. As a compliment to my marketing practice, I founded Early Childhood Investigations Webinars in 2010. ECI produces and hosts free webinars presented by national experts for early childhood administrators and leaders. In fall, 2015, ECI will add an expert Directory for the early childhood education sector. I am also a proud Co-Founder of Early Childhood Technology Network, a website portal for teachers and administrators, that provides thought leadership about classroom technology

-Associations and Non-profit organizations
-Early Care and Education

-Social media
-SaaS development and management
-Curriculum and assessment
-Website development
-Content management
-Email Marketing
-Webinar production
-Technology development


B2B MarketingBusiness Development
Content WritingE-mail marketing
Inbound marketingSocial Media Marketing
Content Strategy


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