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Experience: 50 Years
Location: New York City, NY


I am considered an articulate, motivated versatilist, a self-starter who is willing to accept challenges and expend whatever time and effort is necessary to exceed expectations in all my assignments. Over my 50 years of business experience , I have started three consulting companies. Each company was run as a virtual development company. As a freelance consultant, I use virtual teams, with the required experience to complete a variety of business needs. My motto: "Taking business problems and turning them into business opportunities!".


Designed, Developed, SEO, SEM, and provided annual website maintenance of this vendor of portable car battery chargers.
Shopify Developer: [you must be logged in to see this link]
Designed, Developed, SEO, SEM, provides annual site maintenance for this retail/online Toys/Gifts/Sports Memorabilia store.

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Johnson & Johnson – Developed a Gap Analysis, Operation Process Workflow, and a Patent & Copyright review for a new division creating a new medical device. Barbara Cushing Artworks – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this Artist's website.

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The Official Goose Gossage website – Design, develop, implement, The Official Goose Gossage website.

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Education / Qualifications

Attended NYU, FIT, and Computer Technical schools.Air Force University, Extension courses in Computer Sciences.


Business Process Reengineering
eCommerce Consulting
Website Development


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