J. P.

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Experience: 15 Years
Location: Dallas, TX


I have written blogs, website content, long form content, and more, all targeted to specific buyer personae in a variety of industries including:

Healthcare – medical devices; medical laboratory devices, reagents and software;
neurology; infertility, weight loss

Software – customer support, electronic health records, fuel retail and c-store, real time location services, practice management, ERP, construction management

Inbound marketing and content marketing

Eye care – ophthalmology, optometry, lenses, and eyewear

Custom food manufacturing

Construction - Industrial concrete floors, steel buildings, safety, marketing

I am HubSpot Certified in Inbound Marketing, HubSpot COS, and HubSpot Partner.


Wrote and managed more than 30 five to ten-page documents involving problem and root cause analysis for medical devices. These required multiple signatories and cross-departmental agreement as to content, regulatory compliance, and compliance with company SOPs, and knowledge of HIPAA regulations. Completed in six weeks.Developed complex clinical documents in highly regulated environment including trend analysis and monthly metrics reports, directives for handling customer issues, user’s guides, and management reports. Interacted with a variety of departments for completion and signature. Cross-functional teamwork was a priority. Advocated for end-user experience at each juncture of design and development.
Researched and wrote book of marketing best practices for eye care vendor. Included interviewing over 20 employees of a global company. Interviewees were in the U.S., France, Singapore, Poland, Brazil, Germany, U.K. India, Canada, and the Czech Republic. Completed in five months.

Agencies I've Worked For

Mojo Media Labs

Education / Qualifications

MS in Information Science, University of North Texas.
Concentration in Information Organization and Information Systems.
Certification: Medical Technologist MT(ASCP)
Also known as Clinical Laboratory Scientist(CLS).
BS in Biology, minor in Chemistry


Blog WritingContent Writingebook Writing
HTMLMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft Word
Web Content ManagementWhite Paper WritingWordPress
Content Strategy


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Shareef Defrawi

President & Founder at Bonafide

Apr 21st 2016
We've been working with J. for a few years now and she's been a huge asset to our agency. We create a ton of content for our clients and she's our go-to writer. She does a great job of researching topics and providing effective, coherent copy that does what it's supposed to do. Highly recommended.

Aylin Poulton

Vice President at Bonafide

Apr 25th 2016
J. has been writing for us for about 3 years now and she’s been an amazing asset. Her work is always professional, prompt, and thorough, and she is very receptive to feedback.

She’s been a pleasure to work with, and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a copywriter.

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