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Intercultural Marketing Manager & Consultant

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Experience: 21 Years
Location: Washington, DC


A multilingual and multicultural marketing professional with a proven track record in digital marketing, blogging and content syndicating. This includes extensive experience in content developing, infographics, social media and monitoring.

Launched from the scratch in 2015, my business blog reaches now more than 3,000 visitors each month, who spend an average of 4 minutes on the website. The best articles about German Humor and German Leadership on Organic Food have been shared respectively 148 and 215 times.

Dual German and French citizenship and a thorough understanding of cultural differences.


Business Blogger, Washington DC, USA – 2015 – Present

Writer, Editor, Content Research, Art Director, SE-Optimizer, Publisher, Content Syndicator, Key metrics Analyst, Community Manager and Social Media Manager

Success story: 11,000 visitors and more than 20,000 page impressions in 2015 // Best month ever is May 2016 with 3,090 visitors // 92% of the 2015 traffic reached on 06/14/2016 and more than 1,000 social shares since the beginning of 2016.
Intercultural consultant for German-American and French-American companies

Success story:
- Guest speaker at the Euro Chambers of Commerce in Minneapolis, MN:
“Cross-Border Marketing: How to Reach Your Audience & Sell Your Products”
- Consulting at the International Monetary Fund Family Association, followed by a website relaunch: [you must be logged in to see this link]
- Consulting around the Fundraising Program at the German School Washington: parents participation tripled, funds raised almost doubled.
Acquisition, strategies, concepts and/or project management with focus on small and medium sized companies and various industries: food, OTC, cosmetics, insurance, banking, tourism

Success stories:
- website relaunch [you must be logged in to see this link]
number of visitors doubled, traffic through search engine + 100%, bounce rate drops from 17% to less than 3%, and average time spent on the website tripled
- website update and social media concept for [you must be logged in to see this link]
Different positions in marketing department as marketing manager, group brand manager etc...

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Business Administration, ESSEC Global BBA, Paris, France, 1989: International marketingUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany,1988: International exchange


Brand ConsultingBrand ManagementInternet Marketing
Marketing strategyOnline Community ManagementSEO Keyword Research
Social Media MarketingDigital Project ManagementDigital Strategy


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