R. R.

Direct Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

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I take on work on a selective basis.
Experience: 25 Years
Location: Washington, DC


The challenge for marketers is hitting the sweet spot of market, message, moment, and metrics to give our customers and prospects reasons to engage and build a relationship with us. Period.

I've managed print and digital direct marketing campaigns for 25+ years as a copywriter, strategist, manager/producer, landing page optimizer and conversion maven, and social media pioneer. I've built new websites and freshened old ones, dived deep into social media, and built successful e-commerce stores.

I deliver work you can count on and respect both my client's time and dime.

I only take on work that intrigues and challenges me. My deepest experience is B2B information marketing, with even deeper expertise in association, medical/healthcare, and social services. In my spare time, I mentor new marketing copywriters.


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Agencies I've Worked For

Marketing General, Alexandria VA

Education / Qualifications

University of Maryland University CollegeSyracuse UniversityNumerous copywriting, marketing and related workshops


B2B Marketing
Direct marketing
E-mail marketing


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