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I'm currently available for short-term freelance assignments.
Experience: 26 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I research, write, and edit news, feature, and opinion articles on science, technology, business, and public policy that appears in print in books and magazines, as well as online, including ...
- Three print books
- Two e-books
- Regular column in industry magazine
- Daily news blog on science and business

My full-time work experience includes managing editor of the Careers section of Science magazine, and director of publications at a technology standards organization. In addition, I'm an amateur photographer, with work appearing in publications and online, as well as exhibits.

I'm a member of National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and D.C. Science Writers Association.


Editor and Publisher, Science & Enterprise. July 2010 to present. Daily news blog connecting scientific discovery to the marketplace.Managing editor, Science Careers. August 2003 to June 2010. Online career development and funding news portal of Science magazine. Work included occasional reporting assignments, including a special series and podcast on the 21st Century G.I. Bill in June 2008.Director of Education and later Director of Publishing, Data Interchange Standards Association, Alexandria, Virginia. October 1999 to June 2003.

Education / Qualifications

Graduate certificate, Technology of Management. American University.Master of Science, Communication Research. Boston UniversityBachelor of Arts, Journalism. University of Iowa.


Blog Writing
Business Writing
News Writing Style
Scientific Writing


Second place, 2015 National Press Club Photography Committee contest.Named to the Professional Advisory Board to the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications in Iowa City, advising the school's director and faculty on policies and mentoring students.U.S. Army Freedom Team Commendation, November 2008. For Science Careers feature on returning veterans studying science and engineering


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