J. T.

Creative Director & Copywriter

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Experience: 35 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am an experienced Senior Copywriter, Strategist, Creative Director, Marketing & Communications Director, and Senior Agency Executive. For over 35 years I have delivered strategy-driven copywriting and graphic design to nonprofits, publishers, and membership organizations, and the agencies that serve them. My expertise includes direct response fundraising and member acquisition, multi-channel marketing/communications for nonprofits, conference & event promotion, and other direct marketing disciplines.


Principal Creative Strategist and Creative Director, Direct Creative Group, LLCVP Creative Director, Russ Reid, Inc.VP Group Creative, Merkle, Inc.Sr. VP, Moore Direct/CDR Fundraising Group, Inc./Barton Cotton, Inc.President, Direct Design, Inc.Director Marketing & Communications, Environmental Law Institute

Agencies I've Worked For

Russ Reid
CDR Fundraising Group

Education / Qualifications

BA in Art, University of Maryland


Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word


DMA Echo AwardDMAW Maxi Awards


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Mark A. Weninger

Creative, Brand & Communications Officer | Senior Advertising & Marketing Executive

May 19th 2016
Savvy, sensibility and straight shootin' in one cool package. J. brings an enviable dexterity to the business, rushing headlong to solve thorny marketing problems while staying focused on the people (clients, teammates, constituents) behind the numbers.

He offers candor when asked and discretion when needed, and a full measure of authenticity all along the way. Without a doubt, J. stands among the most enjoyable agency partners I've yet known.

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