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Online Communication Strategist

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Experience: 25 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Great communication is about relationships. An organization’s relationship with its stakeholders must be focused on serving their needs, not simply spinning a positive image. Today’s constituents are savvy consumers who crave transparency and authenticity.

Digital communication strategies can help strengthen and grow organizations if handled properly.

Website Redesign Project Management

Project management for life-cycle of process
Manage team of employees, contractors, and vendors
Create strategic website/communication plan
Writing clear, actionable requirements for designers & developers
Develop and review RFPs for services needed
Select vendors and evaluate technology options
Testing and quality assurance
Website and website improvement management

Social Communities Development & Execution

Social media strategy
Set up
Develop content
Community management
Define and measure success

Content Strategy

To make an impression on the digital landscape you must have great content. You may not know where to start or you may have content but no idea how to effectively leverage it. Either way, you need a content strategy.

Evaluate content resources and delivery options
Content strategy, from concept, to planning, to implementation
Writing and editing

Strategic Communication

Writing and editing
Speaking and training
Use of technology and online tools to communicate
Relationship building with key constituencies


LGH, Inc. - website strategy, redesign, user trainingAmerican Public University Sytem - 1) social media strategy and communities manager for public relations channels and 2) earned media strategy and placementsMCAA - Set uo social media channels and management tool, user trainingInHouse Communication - project manager for website redesign focused on mobile-friendly approach

Agencies I've Worked For

Balance Interactive
Pongos Interactive

Education / Qualifications

Accredited in Public Relations (APR)BA, Communications


Content WritingProject managementSocial Media Marketing
Strategic planningWeb Content ManagementWebsite Development
Digital Project ManagementDigital StrategyContent Strategy


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