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Agile Coaching, Training, & Program Management

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Contact me for more information about my current availability. Open to Full Time consulting.
Experience: 20 Years
Location: Washington, DC


Senior Technology Manager with 20+ years of overall experience, 15+ years in leadership positions, and 10 years of experience as an Agile Practitioner, Training, and Coach.

■ Agile Coaching
■ Agile Training - SAFe and Customized training courses
■ Proven Technology Portfolio/Program/Project Leadership with demonstrated success in building high-performing teams... My goal is to always surpass customer expectations.
■ Talent for aligning technology solutions with business needs and quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams
■ Track record of increasing productivity and developing / mentoring future contributors to position organizations for future growth and success

■ Agile Transformations and Scrum Methodology Implementation
■ Technology Strategy & Tactical Management
■ Technology Portfolio & Program Leadership
■ Identity Management and Single Sign-On
■ PMO Development Operations Management
■ Risk Management
■ Proposal Writing - Business & Technical
■ Offshore Vendor Management and Outsourcing
■ Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

SPC4 - SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant
CSM - Certified Scrum Master
PMP - Project Management Professional


database managementMicrosoft Project
Program ManagementProject management
Web DevelopmentWeb Design


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