J. F.

software engineer

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Specialising in web technologies, I produce quality, reliable, and easily maintainable code using TDD (Test Driven Development), and agile DDD (Domain Driven Design). Dedicated to completing the finest work possible, bringing the most return on investment for the customer. I work with clients in their business language to ensure communication is clear and concise. I provide in-depth strategy sessions as well as full development services which guide clients through the maze of owning a web application, whether they have an existing site or service or wish to start something new. This includes:

* Hosting
* Security
* Deciding which solution best fits a client's needs (custom or off-the-shelf)
* Migration between platforms if applicable
* SEO, CRM and other marketing operations
* Build process, task management, QA, deployment and maintenance schedule

I provide full application build and support services, including:

* Custom or off-the-shelf CMS solutions for websites and webservices
* Maintenance of existing websites and webservices
* Website and webservice monitoring
* Hosting and DNS management
* Backend server applications and Frontend display and design
* Relational database management and leverage
* 3rd party integrations - AWS, pardot, salesforce, twitter, instagram etc.
* CRM and marketing campaign services


Web developer, reach-dataWeb developer, EMAPSenior Software consultant, TechnossusSenior Web developer, Tega tecnologiesSenior Web developer, Pacificcommunications. Senior Web developer and manager of several websites and services for various clients.

Agencies I've Worked For

Robert Half
Lassen group

Education / Qualifications

SitecoreĀ® Professional Developer Certification


Apache administrationASP.NETC#

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Micah Fitch

Sr. Interactive Producer

Mar 29th 2017
Joe F. worked directly under me for 4 years. During that time he developed solutions that solved specific problems that are still being used here today. Joe has a great personality and an extremely disciplined work ethic to go with it. He always was ready to develop the solution that was needed no mater how difficult or, at times, painstaking it might be and he did it with a positive attitude. Joe fit with the team, we all enjoyed working with him. He is the definition of "team player". I am honored to have the professional work experience along side Joe to have earned the qualifications to give him a recommendation.

I would recommend Joe to anyone who wants a professional developer that is a pleasure to work with. His optimism will be a pleasant surprise to the industry standard.
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Shelley Cloyd

Founder & President of So Fun Media

Mar 29th 2017
Working with Joe was a breeze. I had several website issues that we needed to solve for one of our clients and he was immediately on it and very responsive. I have worked with dozens of web and software engineers over the course of 20+ years building businesses, and I cannot recommend Joe enough.

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