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Project Manager

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Experience: 9 Years
Location: New York City, NY


As a seasoned technical project manager, I have led projects from conception of an idea, to design, to software development and quality assurance. Additionally, I engage with clients first hand to train their teams on content management systems and look after their technical needs.

My previous experience includes media and publishing websites, entertainment events ticketing platforms, international money transfer software, as well as Salesforce and survey API integration work. Additionally, I continuously apply my research and workforce development background to help companies evaluate and improve their business performance and productivity while keeping their employees’ suggestions and values close to heart.

As a project manager, I have the infamous reputation for being someone who is very good at putting out fires. My attention to detail and excellent time management skills makes me a very effective scrum master. Moreover, my fluency in Urdu puts me at an advantage if some of my team members are in South Asia.

I am an eternal learner and am constantly updating myself on new software and technology. For instance, I attended a boot camp to learn front and back end development on rails to get my experience and knowledge up to speed. My continuous desire to learn and improve my abilities gives me an edge because I solve problems at work and am not afraid of occasional chaos.


Gazelle Offshore DevCom
Project/Client Manager
Connecting Indian and Pakistani software development companies with their overseas clients in the US and UK. Coordinating software projects from the inception of an idea to the final product release. Meeting with offshore clients to ensure the projects are up to scale, on time and within budget.
Product/Project Manager
Collaborated with clients on product requirements, functionality and design to ensure the production of quality software; managed the (on­site and off­site) engineering team (both front­end and back­end), leading to smooth, iterative product releases at an optimal pace. Product platforms include iOS, Android and web applications.
451 Research
Manager, Data Services (TheInfoPro)
Managed a team of 2 data analysts to conduct research in 5 information technology sectors; transformed TheInfoPro research department by changing the internal questionnaire development, data analysis and the report production process to increase efficiency and improve data quality.
Economic Mobility Corporation
Research Assistant
Evaluated workforce development programs through mix­method studies; supervised 10+ recruiters on multiple research sites across the nation; prepared and presented program improvement suggestions to clients.
Goodwill Industries, We Care Program
Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation­ Evaluator
Interviewed and assessed the occupational abilities and, academic and career interests of clients who were receiving public assistance.
Center for Research on Culture, Development and Education
Research Coordinator
Reviewed literature, prepared and analyzed data sets, engaged in qualitative analysis.

Education / Qualifications

HFC Technology Academy, New York Se
Full stack web development and product development boot camp
New York University, New York Jan
Bachelors of Science
Major: Applied Psychology
Second Major: Politics


Product Development
Project management


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