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Online Marketing Specialist

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Experience: 15 Years
Location: Washington, DC


B2B Marketing Specialist with >10 years experience in diverse Marketing areas.

My focus lies on increasing sales leads through successful and innovative online campaigns. Relevant experience in marketing automation, lead nurturing, dripped campaigns, APP development, B2B2C communication and social media campaigns.

As a creative mind with a strategic approach and a hands-on mentality, I drive innovation and implementation of successful campaigns, which are key elements of my work.

German native speaker, fluent in English, advanced in Italian and basic French language skills.

My US Visa status is G4 incl. work permit, no Visa sponsorship required.


Digital Marketing Manager for the German market at Sodexo Author for an online travel guide ([you must be logged in to see this link])Event and classical Marketing for fairs, congresses, lobbying campaigns at Sodexo

Education / Qualifications

MBA Communication and Management, University of applied science Vienna, AustriaMarketing and Communications Expert, IMK, Wiesbaden, Germany


B2B MarketingContent WritingE-mail marketingGerman
Google searchLead generationSEO Keyword ResearchSocial Media Marketing
Translation English to GermanTravel WritingDigital Project ManagementDigital Strategy
Marketing Consulting


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