J. M.

Web Application Developer

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Experience: 19 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


Experienced PHP/MySQL developer specializing in custom web applications


Sr Web Application DeveloperTechnical Team Lead / Lead ProgrammerCTO

Agencies I've Worked For

Tribal DDB
Hangar 18
Canada Wide Media

Education / Qualifications

KPU, Computer Information SystemsDrupal & Wordpress ProgrammerScrum Developer


Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopEC2Amazon Web ServicesApache administrationBigCommerceCSSCSS3Custom CMSDNS
Domain MigrationDrupalHTMLHTML5JavaScriptjQueryLinux System AdministrationMySQLPHPProduct Development
RESTSassShopifySOAPWeb Content ManagementWebsite DevelopmentWebsite PrototypingWordPressWordPress e-CommerceXML


Lotus Award - Best Self-Promotion GoldLotus Award - Best Website B2CApplied Arts Interactive Award - Social Networking

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Cedric Collemine

Cedric Collemine

Feb 23rd 2016
J. did a great job for a very specific task and found practical solutions.

Ray Yip


Feb 23rd 2016
I've known J. for over 3 years and we've collaborated on multiple projects. J. is a technical guru and programming master. Whether it's reducing the weight/load time of a webpage to improve performance or setting up a CI tool like Jenkins to automate deployment tasks, J. is able to architect, implement, and deliver the highest quality product. J. also has the gift of effectively communicating technical ideas to non-technical people in order to achieve alignment and buy-in. Highly recommend James.

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