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Creative Director & VSFX Artist

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We are currently taking on clients and have the time and resources to take on new and exciting projects.
Experience: 8 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am a Creative Director, VSFX artist and owner of a boutique design studio located in Washington, D.C. My business, Motiplex Media is a full service digital design and visual media company. Our team of talented artists possess years of industry experience developing projects for television, print and the web. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients in mapping out their visual needs, in setting goals and will communicate through all stages of the process from concept to final delivery. It is our purpose and guiding motivation to tell your story in a way that is creative, dynamic and captivating to the target audience.

If you have a visual need, feel free to reach out and share it with us.


8+ years of experience producing visual media for television, print and the web. Services include: motion and infographics, 3D animation and modeling, visual effects and supervision, graphic design, creative and branding, web design.Clients: Palladian Partners, Half Yard Productions, National Geographic, FAA, Blackboard, Symbio, Discovery Communications, Starshooter Entertainment, History Channel and more.

Agencies I've Worked For

Creative Circle

Education / Qualifications

Savannah College of Art and Design. MA AnimationUniversity of Virginia. BS Architecture


2D Animation2D Design3D Animation3D Design
3D RenderingAnimationGraphic designInfographics
Motion graphicsVideo editingBranding


TIVO Award. Best Animation with a budget over 25k.


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