D. Q.

Finance & Data Science Nerd

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I currently run a full-time consulting company that focuses on anything to do with data, finance or code. My focus is on python, MySQL, SQL and R but I can work in almost anything. Previously, I managed equity portfolios, investing in developed and emerging markets. I managed over $4B in equities across the globe on a daily basis. I helped to educate clients on fundamentals of investing -- from valuation theory to portfolio design to innovations in trading.

Additionally, I consulted for corporate, government and non-profit clients to improve annual plans, financial reports and budget forecasts with technology, statistics and corporate finance.

During business school at The University of Chicago, I conducted research on investment strategies, focusing on momentum and value investing. I also created many financial models, focusing on LBO, private equity and corporate strategy


Corporate FinanceFinancial analysisFinancial Management
Financial modelingGoogle App EngineGoogle Spreadsheets
Machine learningMicrosoft ExcelPython
Startup Consulting


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