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Management & Technology Consultant

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Experience: 18 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I have eighteen years of consulting experience supporting both the public and private sector, and four years’ experience with major telecommunications service providers. “Big 4” firm and government consulting experiences includes capturing and leading large-scale modernization, business transformation, and technology projects across numerous federal defense, civilian and health agencies. Served as the trusted advisor to private and public sector executives.Experienced project manager who has played a leadership role in business development, solutions development, people development and financial management.

Currently the founder and managing principal of an innovation consultancy that provides innovation capabilities, systems and structures to generate new offerings and businesses. The firm helps set strategy, design, build, and launch innovations that are specific to a client's core competencies and industry focus.


Managing Principal, Inncuvate Consulting LLCSpecialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLPAssociate, Booz Allen HamiltonSenior Network Planner, Cable & Wireless USAEngineering Technical Specialist, MCI Communications Corp

Education / Qualifications

University of Maryland College Park/ Masters of ScienceTemple University / Bachelors of Science


Business AnalysisBusiness Development
Business IT AlignmentBusiness Planning
Startup ConsultingOperational Efficiency


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