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Jane-of-all-Trades Writer + Online Marketing Consultant

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I have openings available for PT remote/freelance work in March/April 2018 (and beyond). Contact me and we'll chat!
Experience: 13 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I'm a kick-ass Jane-of-all-Trades marketer with over 13 years experience in all types of in-house and freelance jobs that include writing, editing, design, social media, SEO, SMM, and email marketing...to name a few.

My mission is to take marketing tasks (planning, execution, analysis) off small business owners' plates so they can focus on other areas of growing their business. I also sub-contract for fellow freelancers and marketing agencies.


WriterGal Marketing Services: My freelance marketing company. I've been freelancing off and on for 13 years but WriterGal has been my Full-Time focus since summer 2017.Sierra Wireless (Marketing Contractor): I helped with all aspects of marketing for this international wireless tech company, with a focus on online and website content management. More work experience available on request.

Agencies I've Worked For

6S Marketing (subcontractor)
Lara Spence Web Design (subcontractor)
(Others available upon request)

Education / Qualifications

Douglas College Professional WritingHootsuite Social Marketing CertificationSitecore (CMS) Certified Marketer Certificate


Article WritingBlog WritingBusiness WritingCopy editingCopywritingEditing
Google AnalyticsGraphic designMarketing strategyNewsletter WritingSEO Keyword ResearchSocial Media Marketing
Web Content ManagementWebsite AnalyticsWordPressContent Strategyemail production/design/development


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