B. L.

Internet Marketing and SEO

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I am a D.C. area web designer and Internet marketing specialist. I focus on personalized, low-cost solutions for small businesses and author an award winning technology blog to help people manage their online presence effectively.


B2B MarketingFacebook MarketingGoogle searchReputation Management
Search Engine OptimizationSEO Keyword ResearchSocial Media MarketingTwitter Marketing
Web Content ManagementWeb designWeb DevelopmentWeb Design

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R. V.

Brand Designer (Strategy, Identity, Naming)

Mar 24th 2015
B. has a likable confidence that is easy to trust and an ability to listen that is easy to appreciate.

Meetings with him, regardless the topic, always impacted the way I thought and worked. His insights and perspective have challenged me to be more creative—more thoughtful about the methods I use to reach the people I want to help through design.

Brian's knowledge of internet marketing clearly runs deep making him an invaluable partner to any interested client.

In short, hire this man.

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