S. F.

Photographer, Artist and Tutor

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Contact me any time. I work freelance in the NY area.
Experience: 40 Years
Location: New York City, NY


Talents in photography, computer graphics, graphic design, fine art painting, illustrations, brochures, layouts, presentations, commercial art, digital image enhancement, 3D visualizations, website design (HTML 5, CSS 3, and JQuery), ArcMap for GIS cartography. Application skills in Adobe CC: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver; Corel Painter 2015. And Microsoft Office 365: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. BA in Geology graduate studies in Geography from Hunter, CUNY. Tutor computer applications and tech help.
See port4u.net for recent art.


Photographer for individuals and businesses. Processing and enhancing the digital photographs.Webmaster, creator and design for my sites, Linnaean Society of NY and others. Producing functional and elegant Website Designs. Conceptualization of elegant solutions for websites that met or exceeded client needs and expectations. Using HTML and CSS; applying jQuery, Java, and scripts. Freelance computer application tutor and computer tech, trouble shooting, repair, and software installation on PCs.

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Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Art, Hunter College, City University of New York (CUNY), New York, NY


Adobe DreamweaverAdobe InDesignAdobe Lightroom
Adobe PhotoshopBrochure DesignCartography
Graphic designIllustrationMicrosoft PowerPoint
Website Development


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Lloyd Spitalnik

One of three originators and organizers of the festival at Jamaica Bay Shorebird Festival

Mar 20th 2015
S. is a very creative photographer and a master at the entire Adobe Suite of products.
Excellent in designing websites.
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Chris Ross


Mar 20th 2015
S. is very talented in graphics design and is an outstanding wildlife photographer. Her photographs of birds are among the best I have seen!
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Christian Benjamin

Certificated Paralegal

Mar 21st 2015
I’ve known S. since 1979. In that time I’ve seen her artistic expression grow and diversify. As new technology emerged, such as digital photography and graphic arts, her technical skills grew right along with them. She has amazing skills in many digital suites and can stump some instructors. S. has a knack for finding the fine details of a programs abilities in order to achieve what she wants and doesn’t settle for “good enough” and is often recommending new features. I highly recommend S. also for her color understanding, compositional layout and editing skills. Give her what you want and she can produce it.
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James Labate

GIS Technician at West Point USMA for Summit Technologies

Mar 23rd 2015
Sherry's graphic and design sensibility has a very broad spectrum, ranging from simple textual layout to mapping and figure creation and on through to pure fine art. My professional experience with her as both colleague and manager was of an individual who held themselves to the highest standards and delivered upon those standards; her large format public presentation mapping of what was at the time the planning of one of the most ambitious construction projects in the country - the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the creation of a accompanying 30 mile dual-modal transportation corridor - displayed a combined mastery of several technical / scientific software applications with multiple graphic apps. Through technical tenacity with both software and hardware, S. has a ground-up understanding of her tools and therefore the capability to use them optimally. She brings a lot to the table and would be an asset to any team.

J. L.

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