J. C.

Head Cat - Strategic Graphic Designer

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Immediately available to start marking YOUR territory with creative, memorable results!
Experience: 25 Years
Location: Montreal, QC


Research is the fuel that fires the best creative solution for a brand. The more I know the further YOUR creative solution can go. With 22 plus years as a strategic graphic designer, illustrator with branding experience – I know how to mark YOUR territory and make your product or service stand out! I work with fabulous clients from all over the world.

My areas of expertise; illustration, packaging design, strategic graphic design, complete branding packages, logo, tagline, web site design consultation, social media, children's books, You name it and a creative solution can be generated to dazzle your target audience.

Every project starts with questions, questions lead to research into your audience, product and competitors. The fun continues for me when all of this information is incubated, ruminated and generates a creative solution that provides results.


Complete branding. Logo, to packaging design, restaurant signage, graphics, promotion, re-branding and marketing. For the past 8 years working with Pizza Hotline in Winnipeg.The Cuckoo's Nest, Ottawa, Canada, created logo, tagline, packaging, website, print advertising etc.

Education / Qualifications

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1991, Double Major, Graphic Design and Illustration, University of Manitoba.


2D DesignAcrylic PaintingAdvertisingB2B MarketingBrand Management
Digital paintingGraphic designIllustrationLogo DesignMarket research
Packaging DesignSocial Media MarketingTrade Show Exhibition DesignWebsite DevelopmentSignage Design


Best of Packaging Design - Pizza Hotline - Signature Awards 2004Best Visual Identity Logo and Application - Falcon Trails Resort - Signature Award 2004Best Poster Series - Addictions Foundation of Manitoba - Signature Award 2004Best Illustrations - University of Manitoba - Signature Award 2004Logos from North and South America ISBN: 84-96309-14-2 Fifteen logos were accepted into this book.


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Rajiv Lochan

Founder and Director of Lochan Tea

Mar 23rd 2015
Jennifer is a great graphic designer for creating logos and labels - her works and colours are so eye catching and visitors come close to find the intricacies of her work..a sure way to success for the companies who take her services to promote their products...
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Sab Ventola

The Cuckoo's Nest

Jun 14th 2015
Jennifer did a spectacular job creating the brand identity for our retail business - logo, tagline, print advertising and website. She is a very talented and creative graphic artist who truly understands both the art and science of branding and advertising. When Jennifer commits to a project she is all-in. She will take the time to understand you and your business/organization and she will produce results that are aligned with your end goals. Working with Jennifer is an experience in itself because, not only is she the best at what she does, she is also always a lot of fun!

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