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Motion Graphics Designer

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Experience: 12 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I specialize in 3D and 2D design for broadcast and web. I primarily use Cinema 4D and the Adobe CC suite.


A bicentennial-baby, D. was born in Pittsburgh, moved to Brockton, Massachusetts, & immediately transferred back to Pittsburgh for undisclosed reasons all before the age of 2. He spent his formative years playing with Legos, building tree-houses and reading "Calvin and Hobbes" books. At the age of 13, D. gave up a lifelong dream of becoming a magician to conquer the world of VHS action-movie extravaganzas. On a whim, he created the original and best 3rd sequel to an Indiana Jones film with an RCA Camcorder and an Argentinean in 1992, using a broken Atari cable as a bullwhip and his father's leather jacket.

After traveling around the world in 100 days, D. graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Film Studies degree and a handful of epic 8mm films set to the soundtrack of “Raising Arizona.” He joined AmeriCorps® soon after graduation, journeying to the far reaches of eastern-Pittsburgh to tutor high school students, while producing videos for literacy programs.

Taking a detour into the world of web design, D. taught himself to design and animate at the school of Barnes & Noble. He moved to Washington, DC in 2006 to work with HZDG, designing sites for clients in need of massive amounts of unholy Flash-iness. Moving on to broadcast design, he now works in DC, doing work for Discovery, Adobe, Arm & Hammer, TLC, AFI, History Channel, Travel, and PBS. In his spare time, he can be found with his wife, Michelle, daughters, Julia & Natalie, beta-testing Cinema 4D for Maxon, talking fondly about his beagle, Sparky, watching movies, and listening to mopey rock.

Agencies I've Worked For

sunKING Digital
TEAM Sound & Vision
EyeCandy / Image Factory DC


2D Animation2D Design
3D Animation3D Design
Motion graphics


Master Class for StashMedia.tv's first Collider conference in NYC.
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Presentation focusing on work for Discovery, History, and AFI.
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PROMAX | Gold winner for Silverdocs 2008, Special Events Art Direction, North America.
Role: design, animation.

STEP INSIDE DESIGN | Best of Web 2008 mention for 1201K Promo video.
Role: design, animation.

WASHINGTON, DC ADDY'S 2008 | Award for Halfstreet Condominiums promotional video.
Role: design, animation.


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