S. J.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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Experience: 20 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


With 15 years in the video game industry as an artist and art director, I carry forward freelance skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, 3D modeler, game designer, and general creative.


2015 - Present
Founder and Artist
Funpop Illustration & Design
2006 - 2010
Artist and Associate Art Director
Electronic Arts Blackbox
1993 - 2003
Artist, Associate Art Director, and Art Director
Electronic Arts Canada
1985 - Present
Freelance graphic artist and illustrator


3D ModelingAcrylic PaintingAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopArt DirectionAutodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk MayaCartooningGame DesignGame DevelopmentGraphic designIllustration
Logo DesignMicrosoft PowerPointPortrait PaintingPresentationsTexture ArtistWeb design


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