D. P.

Pharmaceutical Copywriter, Healthcare Content Provider

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Experience: 22 Years
Location: Washington, DC


I'm a highly skilled and extensively experienced pharmaceutical/healthcare copywriter (and medical copyeditor). Expertise includes experience with:

• A uniquely wide range of diseases and disorders, including a background in medical publishing
• Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), e-commerce sites, online pharmacy sites, and sales training materials
• Payers, payer channels, and managed markets

All of the work I do involves extensive research and sourcing to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and comprehensiveness of the pieces I write.


Please see my resume(s) at [you must be logged in to see this link]

Agencies I've Worked For

Studiocom, Atlanta, GAAdair-Greene, Atlanta, GA
Scout, Atlanta, GAMedAccess, San Diego, CA
Hamilton Communications, Chicago, ILLOgilvy CommonHealth Market Connect, CT
Wunderman, Washington, D.C.

Education / Qualifications

• For both B2B and B2C campaigns, I create strategically meaningful and engaging copy that meets every standard for teachable-moment USP impact.
• In addition to satisfying a copy job’s creative and strategic requirements, I take pains to learn about target audiences (TAs) and craft my copy to be particularly meaningful to them. Result:
o Immediate TA engagement via the headline and lead (“This is about me.” “This is about my patient.”)
o Sustained interest and reading, resulting in full strategy exposure and increased likelihood of message acceptance
o As appropriate, TA’s decision to take the action(s) the client wants
• I’m a highly effective editor of my own work and exceptionally skilled at turning flatly stated (or potentially confusing) writing into a compelling narrative that maintains the author’s “voice” while holding the reader’s interest throughout.
• I’m scrupulously attentive to medical accuracy, ethical conduct, and legal/regulatory adherence (where required).
• I’m expert at information sourcing and referencing, including working with clinical trial reports to find the exact information a project needs. My long experience writing for and with healthcare professionals means I have a huge medicine/healthcare database in my head and typically short learning curves.
• Finally, I’m a mature, seasoned professional. I’m also fun to be around and not at all proprietary about my work. Just tell me what you need, at any stage of a job, and you’ll get it.


AdvertisingArticle WritingB2B MarketingBrand ConsultingCopy editing
CopywritingDirect marketingEHealthEditingE-mail marketing
Inbound marketingInternet MarketingMarketing strategyMedical WritingDigital Strategy


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Valorie Baylis Rivero

Director of Client Solutions at IDology

Feb 21st 2016
I worked with D. for many years at WebMD where she single-handedly managed dozens of content projects for clients large and small. She is, of course, a gifted writer and skilled copy-editor, but despite her extensive experience she always made sure to understand the nuances of a particular campaign. She seeks out new knowledge, strives to find new communication avenues, and is a fun, kind, and interesting person to know. Any organization would benefit from her contributions and I can't recommend her highly enough.

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