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Web Application Developer

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Experience: 8 Years
Location: Vancouver, BC


I love building interactive web applications with a focus on user experience, engaging visual design and effective communication. I am a creative enthusiast with a mixed background in fine arts, photography and engineering.


Lead Web Developer / Director of Innovation, #BRITEWEB, Vancouver, CanadaWeb Developer, Multiven Corporation, Vancouver, CanadaEvent Photographer, Photo Franco, Vancouver, CanadaAssistant Photographer, Studio Baraldi, Bologna, Italy

Agencies I've Worked For

Seven25. Design & Typography Inc.

Education / Qualifications

Electronic Media Design Program, Langara College, Vancouver, CanadaMSc, Microelectronics, University College Cork, IrelandBSc, in Electronic Engineering, University of Bologna, ItalyDiploma, Fine Art Institute of Bologna, Italy


Adobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopBackbone.jsCoffeeScriptCSS3HTML5
Ruby on RailsSassScalaWordPressAngularJS

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