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UX Specialist

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Experience: 8 Years
Location: Worldwide


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8 years of experience in web technologies, UX and architecture design.
Working with brands like Easyjet, TUI UK, Barclays, Harrods, Sony and more.
User Experience (UX) Specialist for Web, Mobile Apps (Apple, Android) and Smartwatches.

Mentoring design for the two most important online UX Academies.

I help companies reduce costs and increase revenue (conversion rates) by solving and re-designing website and mobile usability issues/problems and developing creative solutions that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Lead UX Designer @ Hotelbeds Group, Spain.Head of UX @ BAC Labs, Dublin.

Education / Qualifications

Computer engineering


CSS3HTML5Interaction design
User interface designWebsite DevelopmentWebsite Prototyping
Website WireframingInteractive PrototypingUser Experience Consulting
UI/UX Design


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