M. K.

UX Designer, Researcher, and Content Strategist

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I am currently looking for new clients to work with.
Experience: 5 Years
Location: Worldwide


I am passionate about designing products that meet users where they are, and enable them to feel empowered and in control. I am also a complete research methods nerd, and I know that each research problem requires the right method. Finally, I love to write, edit, and otherwise develop user-focussed content.

I am self-employed and eager to build relationship with new clients.


Self-employed freelancer:
- Conducting user research, mocking-up new designs, evaluating existing products, and creating original, engaging content for my clients.
- Many of my clients are start-ups and small businesses, and I love that kind of work!
Senior UX Designer @ Weather Underground:
- Conducted in-house and remote user studies to articulate feature requirements and improvements.
- Methods included participant interviews, think-aloud sessions, diary studies, guerrilla testing, and controlled A/B testing with statistical analysis.
- Designed and prototyped new products and feature enhancements.
- Followed a short-cycle, iterative, Agile based method of design and development for all product features.
Data & Research Scientist @ Education Elements:
- Designed visualizations and interaction methods for teachers and principals to explore student data.
- Managed the Data and Quality Team.
- Worked in a fast-pace, start-up environment

Education / Qualifications

Ph.D. Computer Science – Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Virginia Tech (2011)Masters Computer Science – Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech (2007)Bachelors Computer Science (Minor Mathematics), Virginia Tech (2005)


Content WritingInteraction designInternet researchMarket research
User interface designUsability testingUser's Guide WritingWebsite Wireframing
WireframingInteractive PrototypingUser Experience ConsultingContent Strategy


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