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Mobile and Desktop Software Engineer - C/C++ OpenGL iOS Android Unity

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Experience: 10 Years
Location: Worldwide


I am a Mobile and Desktop Software Engineer looking for new challenges everyday. My main interests are focused on 2D/3D and mobile videogame programming.

I am member of the freelancer elite group "All Star Freelancer Club - SILVER", since February 2014.

Applications: Videogames, Games, 3D Editors, Medical Applications
Programming languages: C/C++, Objective-C, Java, C#, Visual Basic
Frameworks/APIs: OpenGL, ARToolkit, Cocos2dx, UIKit, Qt, Ogre, VTK, ITK, OpenSceneGraph, Unity
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
Programming Tools: XCode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, AppCode

I have a portfolio of videos showing my background on mobile, graphics and videogame programming.

Devices I own: iPhone 5S, iPad Air (Retina Display), iPad Mini (Non Retina Display), Android Xiaomi MI 2S, Macbook Pro (Retina Display), PC with Linux & Windows 7 installed.

More info on my website: [you must be logged in to see this link]


3D Programmer at eMedica
October 2012 - October 2014
I am a 3D programmer in a medical imaging team at eMedica. I work on different projects related with medical imaging in 3D, and the main technologies I use are VTK (The Visualization Toolkit), ITK (The Insight Toolkit), and Qt library.
3D C/C++ Graphics Programmer at Lander Simulation & Training Solutions
October 2010 - October 2012
I participated in the development and maintenance of an OpenSceneGraph based visual module, for a trains and trucks simulator
Research Assistant at Deusto University - Deustotech
January 2010 - October 2010
During this research period my development work is focused on advanced mobile services. I use mainly the Android platform.

[2010] Project mIO!: CENIT project in which I develope a mobile client on the Android platform for accessing a remote REST API. The application consists of 3 Activities and 2 Services for accessing context information a remote server. I use the Twitter API and the Restlet library for accessing REST services.

[2010] Neurona Project: The project aim is to analyze the usability metrics of the mobile software. The first part of the project consists of a key logger on the mobile phone. The second part, in which I work, consists of the development of an analyzer and usability metrics
Researcher at Labein Tecnalia
March 2007 - March 2010
- [2007] RASMAP Project:
Objective: To advance in the knowledge of the technology that makes possible the development of a platform that, by applying augmented reality technologies, facilitates the development of Mobile Personal Assistants.
Contributions: Research on the various alternatives of existing 3D rendering engines for
PDA-type devices. Once identified, I design and implement a Mixed Reality engine for this platform.

- [2007-2008] PATUR Project:
Objective: To design innovative tools to support decision making and planning management for
revitalization of historic districts.
Contribution: Integration with web 2.0 technologies to facilitate the discussion of all the alternatives through a virtual forum, showing augmented photos, videos, text and audio taken in-situ.

- [2008-2009] PATRAC Project:
Objective: Development of strategies, products and methodologies to facilitate access, contemplation and gathering of Spanish Cultural Heritage content on a non-discriminatory basis an

Education / Qualifications

Masters, Computer science at University of Deusto
2001 - 2006


Android App DevelopmentApple UIKit FrameworkC++GLSLiOS Development
OpenGL ESQtUnityVTKWxWidgets


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