C. P.

Sound Designer

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Experience: 7 Years
Location: Worldwide


Video games, advertising, animations and film: All of these projects need sound FX's and backing tracks.
I compose music and create sound FX's to bring your media to life!


Backing tracks for Thirteen Stops filmsSound FX's for Somos SMS/800 branding campaign videoSound FX's for Wisconsin tech video seriesJunk Yard percussion and SFX design workshop hosted as part of the EMErgence festival

Education / Qualifications

Freelance Artist since 2007System Administrator and system training coordinator for local governmentBachelors in Business AdministrationMasters in Construction and Project Management


Adobe After EffectsAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Premiere ProAmazon S3Audio EditingAudio EngineeringAudio MixingAudio Post Production
Blender3DCPanelDaVinci ResolveFilm ProductionFL StudioSketchUpImage EditingMusical composition
Music ProducingSound Designsound editingSound EffectsVideo ConversionVideo editingVideo productionWordPress


Primary: Sound / Music Secondary: Video / Motion / 3D

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